The Trailer for the Next Telltale Batman Game Shows a Sadistic Riddler and Very Cool Surprises

Image: Telltale Games
Image: Telltale Games

Last year, Telltale Games’ episodic Batman game confidently carved its own unique interpretation of the Dark Knight mythos by shaking things up and doing the unexpected. The new trailer for the Bat-sequel teases more of the same.

In the just-released promo clip, Edward Nigma—if that’s who this Riddler is—menaces Gotham’s citizens; he’s a rising threat that Bruce Wayne will have to deal with. Mention of the Riddler as an older problem seems to nod at the Year Zero storyline done by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and others a few years back, but this version of the questioning villain seems a whole lot more brutal.


The series’ John Doe version of the Joker looks to play a prominent role, too, along with Amanda Waller, best known as the wrangler-in-chief for the Suicide Squad. Batman: The Enemy Within launches August 8.

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Darmok eats Challah at 12Nagra

I’ve been playing Arkham Knight recently and the Riddler is a wonderful relief compared to the frustrating armies of the titular character. Love the voice actor, and he’s hilarious. Telltale’s version is gonna be interesting.