The Trailer for The Hurricane Heist Will Rock You Like a, Well, You Know

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube
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How’s your Friday going? Not bad? Need a little pick-me-up? Well, the director of the original Fast and Furious as well as XXX has just the thing. It’s the trailer for his new movie, called The Hurricane Heist.


No, there’s no twist behind that title. It’s literally a movie about a heist that’s pulled off during a hurricane. And not just any hurricane. The worst hurricane ever. It’s Ocean’s 11 with an actual ocean, Point Break on a point break, a twist on Twister, a crime brought to you by the wonders of climate change. Check out the trailer for The Hurricane Heist, directed by Rob Cohen.

And before you say “Oh, that’s some straight B-movie shit,” well... it kind of is, but there are some actual, famous, good, actors in there. Toby Kebbell from Fantastic Four, the Apes movies, and A Monster Calls; Maggie Grace from Lost and Taken; along with Ryan Kwanten from True Blood. That’s a pretty good cast. Cohen is obviously a solid action director, too. So, as bananas as this movie looks, it may just be a a lot of fun.

The Hurricane Heist opens March 9.


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Sounds like Hard Rain on steroids: