The Trailer For The Handmaid's Tale's Second Season Is Full Of Rebellion and Desperation

Image: Hulu
Image: Hulu

The Handmaid’s Tale is ready to break new ground, and the trailer for its second season is expansive enough to prove it.


Sweeping and eerie, this look at season two, set to an appropriately haunted version of Buffalo Springfield’s famous protest song, “For What It’s Worth,” hints at a journey far beyond the borders of Gilead. As Offred seeks a better life for herself and her child, we see hints of what might be sunrise in the horizons. Or maybe it’s dusk.

Hulu also announced a firm release date for the series: April 25th, with a two-episode premiere.

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Zelda did it!

Awesome, I can’t wait! Really considering to read the book as well, but only after the series is finished, because I don’t want any spoilers. The atmosphere, the characters, everything was so well put together!

It must be one of my favourite series of 2017.