Now that Dungeons & Dragons is going mainstream, it's only a matter of time until everyone has their own Dungeon Master. Watch as Adam Busch (Buffy's Warren) shows you how a collection of aged geeks get back into the game.


The trailer is for a short film titled "The Dungeon Master," made by the Strong Brothers, aka Rider Strong (Cabin Fever, Boy Meets World Rider) and Shiloh Strong.

While we're not sure where this short is going in the end (has a very "Legend of Neil" feel to it) we do love the idea of figuring out who used to secretly play D&D, the way you'd find out who's holding at a party. "Oh I got a guy" — brilliant. We're not sure what the Dungeon Master does to make all the "regular" folks turn on him, but hopefully they'll all get theirs for being self-righteous/self-hating nerds. Looks great so far!

Other faces you may recognize from the trailer include Chris Wylde (of the singing Taco Bell commercial) and Travis Shuldt (Scrubs, It's Always Sunny). We'll keep you updated on "The Dungeon Master" as we find out more.


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