The Trailer for Black Lightning's Season 3 Finale Is Intense

Wayne Brady as Gravedigger.
Wayne Brady as Gravedigger.
Image: CW
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War has come to Freeland, and only Black Lightning can put an end to it.

That seems to be the premise of the Season 3 finale of Black Lightning, titled “The Book of War: Chapter Three: Liberation.” And in the extended trailer for the episode, recently released by the CW, things really are escalating: shots of Freeland invaded by an army of killers as Black Lightning (Cress Williams) faces off against the powerful and deadly Gravedigger (Wayne Brady). There’s death, destruction, and a lot of power being thrown around.

The sheer scale here is compelling, with every character in on action that will inevitably leave Freeland forever changed—if it’s even left standing. The trailer also features a brief tease of an old enemy, likely setting the scene for season 4. I was not initially convinced about Wayne Brady as a supervillain, but he seems like a compelling enemy here, and I’m absolutely ready to watch Black Lightning fight to save his home.


The episode airs on the CW on Monday, March 9th.

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Arturo R. Garcia

“Is Black Lightning the only line of defense?”

Depends if Jefferson remembers that he should have Earth-1's Mightiest Heroes on speed-dial or a group chat:

Seriously, if you look at the reconfigured map Cisco was charting on Flash, Metropolis is geographically closer to Freeland than it is to Gotham. This should be a no-brainer.