The trailer for BBC's Atlantis is a Greek mythology mashup

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Misfits creator Howard Overman turns his talents toward swords and sandals in BBC One's upcoming series Atlantis. A guy named Jason teams up two fellows named Pythogoras and Hercules, and we can only assume legendary deeds ensue.


It's hard to get a sense of the tone of the series from this first trailer, which feels a bit generic. But casting Mark Addy (Game of Thrones' Robert Baratheon) as a a balding Hercules is a pretty intriguing play, and we're hoping that Overman has some fresh ideas in store for the tricky classical mythology genre. Hopefully, BBC will continue its recent trend of turning out great and surprising genre television.

[via Bleeding Cool]


Am I alone in really starting to hate the very idea of Atlantis?

Setting aside the very real possibility that Plato just made the whole thing up as a way to contrast the society of Athens with 'the other', the modern (post 15th cent) idea of Atlantis is basically "olden timey Greece" + magic/crazy technology. This is bad enough, but 'olden timey Greece' is about as vague and ridiculous as 'the middle ages' these days...

and who were the creative masterminds who though putting Jason (maybe not that Jason?), Hercules and Pythagoras together would be a good idea...oh wait, just now referring to my handy Dungeon Master's Guideā„¢ I see that the Perfect Adventure Team consists of : Plucky Young Hero (who learns lessons and has a great, mysterious destiny), Older Grizzled Hero (who drinks, whores around and imparts life lessons and muscle) and Young Innocent Intellectual (who is really Scroll Smart but is clueless about anything in the real world, but can make gadgets etc).

Well, this looks like a great show...Merlin + Sinbad(hey we can use those sets!) + Anything We Can Think Of (because Atlantis) = 13 episodes and an unremarkable place on the junk heap of culture.