The Trailer for Apple TV's Ghostwriter Has Serious Wishbone Vibes

The White Rabbit stole my homework!
The White Rabbit stole my homework!
Image: Apple TV
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Remember Wishbone? A dog who read books, acted them out, and could also sometimes talk, he led a television show designed to teach kids about literature while also showcasing how goshdanged cute dogs in costumes were.

Ghostwriter, a show recently released on Apple TV, has a similar vibe, which is no coincidence; it’s a remake of a TV show that aired on PBS during the same early-90s era. The trailer for the show, clearly aimed at kids, features a literal ghost writer who summons characters from classic, conveniently public domain literature into the real world, leaving a group of intrepid youths to solve the case. So they have to reckon with not only a ghost, but a reverse Kid in King Arthur’s Court situation where fantastical characters and creatures are running around in their normal lives.

The trailer is cute, laying on its premise in a way that highlights the kid-oriented nature of the show charmingly. I grew up with TV like this, and it’s nice to see it still exist, buried on one streaming service or another.


Ghostwriter is available to watch now, if you have Apple TV+. 

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I do remember Wishbone! It’s one of the show I watched as a kid to learn English as my second language! Considering I just wrote a PhD. thesis entirely in English, we can say it worked. Thank you Wishbone! May you rest in peace.

Talking about dog shows - I remember another dog show from roughly the same era in which a troublesome teen became a dog and had to do a number of good actions to transform back into a teen. Anyone remembers that?