We’ve now seen the trailer for the new Star Wars movie so, in the grand Star Wars tradition, what comes next? Merchandise, of course! The official Star Wars Instagram revealed the packaging for the toys that’ll be released for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Here it is. Unfortunately, it’s just the box, nothing more.

A few things to notice here. First - it doesn’t say “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” “Rogue One” is just a subtitle to the more general “Star Wars.” However, I don’t think there’s anything to read into, because it’ll be quite obvious to everyone when there’s a product in there, that this is a “toy” and not a “story.”


Second, the main art features a Stormtrooper variation some fans are calling a “Death Trooper” as well as a pair of AT-ATs. Together, the two represent a nice blend of the new and the old. The design also brings to mind the gritty, jungle vibe that first trailer had.

Finally, “In stores this Fall” definitely suggests what we’ve been hearing is true. A new Force Friday is coming.