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The Toxic Avenger Will Return in a New Film From a Sausage Party Co-Director

Illustration for article titled iThe Toxic Avenger/i Will Return in a New Film From a iSausage Party /iCo-Director

In 1984, The Toxic Avenger put a little company named Troma on the map. The company spent the next several decades launching careers, staying independent and grossing out even the most steel-stomached film fans. Now, their greatest creation is making a comeback.


Deadline reports that Conrad Vernon, one of the co-directors of this summer’s surprise hit Sausage Party, has signed to direct a new version of The Toxic Avenger. The screenplay is being written by Archer’s Mike Arnold and Chris Poole and, yes, Troma legends Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz are among the executive producers.

“The opportunity to re-imagine a favorite cult-classic from my high school years is an honor,” said Vernon. “Toxie is an underground icon. My favorite kind.”


According to Deadline, this remake will be “a more grounded and mainstream telling of the story.” Of course. That kind of misses the point that the charm of the series is that it’s specifically not “mainstream.” It’s fucking gross and funny and stupid and wonderful. Then again, you can very easily picture how the bare bones story of a janitor who falls into a vat of toxic waste and becomes a crime fighter could be mainstream—and totally miss the point.

Look at the names though. Sausage Party was one of the most un-mainstream things Hollywood has released in decades. Hopefully Vernon’s fandom for the franchise, and Arnold/Poole’s smart sense of humor, will all find the right balance.


Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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I think we were all suckered into seeing Sausage Party. What an unfunny waste of time that was.

Speaking of unfunny... Archer? Stale, low-hanging fruit for jokes. I have tried several times to watch it, alternating seasons. I can never make it through an entire episode.

Poor Toxie.