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Welp. Gods of Egypt is a thing that is happening. And the trailer very much relies on the sheer spectacle eclipsing any other issue this film might raise. But we are not fooled, Gods of Egypt.

Here are a few things, macro and micro, that were raised by this first trailer:

  • Ancient Egypt sure had a lot of white people, didn’t it?
  • Flying magic animal-head armor, because why not. There’s only so much Stargate to rip off.
  • No one’s going to speak to the implications of Egypt being enslaved by white gods?
  • I’m certainly glad the trailer lingered on the eye-gouging.
  • Well, I guess we know why Thoth and Hathor were in the posters, since they’re the ones who restored Horus’ eye in the actual mythology.
  • Casual giant scarab hanging out behind Set? Sure.
  • People ride giant, fire-breathing snakes in Egypt?

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