The Top 5 Special Effects Sequences From Bollywood's Time Travel Movie

The transformation of Mumbai into a super-futuristic metropolis, modeled on Shanghai, is just one of the awesome special effects coups in Love Story 2050, the Bollywood time-travel movie that comes out July 4. Director Harry Bajewa listed the top 5 greatest SFX sequences in the movie in an interview with Star Box Office, including robot teddy bears and an energy-blasting fight scene.

The other four awesome special effects sequences, according to Bajewa, include:


The giant airborne fight sequence between Karan (played by Bajewa's son Harman) and Zayesha (Priyanka Chopra), with the actors doing all their own stunts. I'm guessing there's a lot of wirework involved (similar to Hancock, which also substitutes real wirework for CGI flying.) And it looks like it's some kind of video game brought to life.

Boo, the robot teddy bear and Zayesha's best friend. He looks like he's fully animatronic, rather than just CGI. Oscar winner John Cox, who also worked on Babe and The Host, created Boo.


Karan's friend QT, the female robot. Come on, it's a female robot named QT. That's just insane. Boo and QT team up to bring Karan and Zayesha together. And she shares a crazy dance number with Karan:


The huge fight scene between Karan and Dr. Hoshi, the bad guy. Which looks like it's full of CGI, what with the energy balls blasting back and forth and the crazy face-distortions. I would never say no to a huge energy-ball battle in a futuristic metropolis. Especially if it's followed by a big robot dance number. [Star Box Office]

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