Bad news first: ServerGeddon (a.k.a. Imagepocalypse) is still in effect this Sunday morning. The good news? We're going to own this. In the spirit of this snafu, here's a bunch of chase scenes set to Boots Randolph's "Yakety Sax." Enjoy.


Creating a Benny Hill mash-up is no easy task — indeed, you need an exciting/tense chase sequence that looks totally ridiculous in fast forward, and it helps if the scene is absolutely unfunny to begin with. That's the magic of "Yakety Sax" — it can make even the most dire pursuit thrillarious.

Anyway, on to the Top 5. You've already seen our first entry, a hodgepodge of Christopher Eccleston-era Doctor Who scenes. This particular video scores points for a segment of the Doctor doing a lil' soft shoe.

Our next entry is from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. It's incredible how stupefyingly long the chase sequence is...and I mean in fast forward.

And here's a saxophone-drunk escape from the Death Star....

...and a zippier take on the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Warning — this video spoils the ending to the entire movie, so if you've never seen this horror classic, now's not a good place to start.


Finally, here's a Bennyfied cut of everyone's favorite 1983 John Lithgow TV movie, The Day After. It's the Funpocalypse!

Honorable Mention: V for Vendetta, for its Benny Hill talk show sketch, which is the most watchable scene in that movie. How meta!


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