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The Top 10 Science Fiction Stories By Women Authors

Want to find some great reads? Check out White Queen author Gwyneth Jones' list of the top 10 science fiction novels written by women, in today's Guardian. Her selections range from classics like Ursula LeGuin's Left Hand Of Darkness and Kate Wilhelm's Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang to new releases like Justina Robson's Natural History. Even if you've already read all 10 of the works on her list, it's worth checking out just to read Jones' insightful capsule reviews of them. [The Guardian]


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@Pegritz: I was going to comment about my missing it was a NOVEL list 'cause it said "stories" in the headline so I thought "short" even though I looked at the list...

But your badly-edited comment alleging illegal conduct by and maligning the writing skills of your superiors makes my faux pas kind of adorable.