The Top 10 Killer Body Mods - And We Mean Killer Literally

What's the best part of being posthuman? Smiting your enemies with but a single touch, of course! Here are 10 mutants, cyborgs, and martial artists who are equipped to take down their nemeses using deadly limbs and epidermis.

Killer Touch: Ken from Fist of The Northstar
In this 1986 movie adaptation of the classic Japanese manga, the nomadic Ken wanders the post-apocalypse. He can use the Hokuto Shinken martial art, which causes whomever he punches to spontaneously combust like an overripe pomegranate.

They also made a live-action version of Fist in 1995, but that was a landfill of bad ideas. Just watch below.

Killer Touch: Phantom Limb from The Venture Brothers
Hamilton G. Fantamos was born with smaller limbs that usual and invented a machine to give him proportionate appendages. His device backfired (thanks to an incompetent Billy Quizboy) and gave Fantomas invisible extremities and a death touch.


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Killer Kiss: Kitana from Mortal Kombat
Ever since she debuted in Mortal Kombat 2, one of Kitana's signature fatalities has been her explosive kiss. Watch her lay one on Wonder Woman from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe with hilarious results.

Killer Touch: The Vulcan Art of Tal-shaya from Star Trek
Tal-shaya is a Vulcan martial art that causes the instantaneous snapping of the neck. As cool as this is, we never get to see Tal-shaya in action. In the episode "Journey to Babel," Spock suspects that the Tellarite ambassador Gav was murdered with Tal-shaya. This turns out not to be the case - the assassin is the Andorian Thelev - but we still get the consolation prize of Kirk hammer-punching the blue bastard.

Killer Penis: The Penis Drill From Tetuso The Iron Man
In Shinya Tsukamoto 1989 cyber-surrealist body horror flick, a man starts turning into a machine. All of him. I'm frankly surprised this clip is on Youtube, it's so damn unsettling. You probably don't want to watch this. It's one of those once-per-lifetime experiences.

Killer Boobs: Chesty Morgan in Deadly Weapons (Video is VERY NSFW)
In director Doris Wishman's 1974 gonzo classic, a woman exacts zaftig revenge on the mobsters who killed her boyfriend. Although Deadly Weapons wasn't entirely scifi or posthuman, this list wouldn't feel right without her. And besides, Chesty's thorax was out of this world.


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Killer Voice Box: Black Bolt from The Inhumans
After exposure to the Terrigen Mists, the Inhuman Black Bolt mutated a deadly voice that could level buildings with but a whisper. I was debating including Paul Atriedes from the Dune movie on here, but he needs magical tracheostomy guns to blow stuff up.


EDIT 5/6/10: Alright, alright - so Paul had a killing voice by the end of the movie. But Mr. Boltagon is a snappier dresser.


Killer Kiss: Poison Ivy from Batman And Robin
As the movie progresses, Uma Thurman begins to look like Johnny Depp from Alice in Wonderland. Remember the scene in which Robin wears the lip condoms? Priceless.

Killer Penis: Sex Machine from From Dusk Til Dawn
Sex Machine's gun is a phallic symbol, and he makes no bones about it. It may not be connected to his body, but sex machine wins points for sheer, ahem, ballsiness. He's technically a cyborg when you think about it.

Vagina Dentata: Dawn O'Keefe in Teeth
In this 2007 family feature, the protagonist's toothy lady-bits systematically de-phallusizes all the men she comes across. Luckily, they're all total bastards so the audience has every reason to cheer for the cannibalization of their manhood. It's like Georgia O'Keefe meets Little Shop of Horrors!

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