The Top 10 Emerging Technologies Of 2015

Bernard Meyerson, chief innovation officer of IBM and chair of the World Economic Forum's Meta-Council on Emerging Technologies, today published the Meta-Council's list of the Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2015.


Above: In November 2014, the 3D printer aboard the International Space Station became operational, marking the orbital outpost's first foray into additive manufacturing.

Via the World Economic Forum:

To compile this list, the World Economic Forum's Meta-Council on Emerging Technologies, a panel of 18 experts, draws on the collective expertise of the Forum's communities to identify the most important recent technological trends. By doing so, the Meta-Council aims to raise awareness of their potential and contribute to closing the gaps in investment, regulation and public understanding that so often thwart progress.


Entries include additive manufacturing, thermoset plastics that could reduce landfill waste, and emergent artificial intelligence. (Naturally, io9 has been reporting on most of the items on this list for years.) See the full lineup here.


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On the other hand, emergent AI may make attributes that are still exclusively human – creativity, emotions, interpersonal relationships – more clearly valued. As machines grow in human intelligence, this technology will increasingly challenge our view of what it means to be human, as well as the risks and benefits posed by the rapidly closing gap between man and machine. - Academician Prokhor Zakharov, "The Feedback Principle"