The Tony Awards Just Got Horrible, Awesome

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The Tony Awards, America's foremost theatrical honors, have announced the host of this year's ceremony, and it's Dr. Horrible himself, Neil Patrick Harris. Does this represent mainstream acceptance of online musicals about supervillains? I'm saying...yes.


Of course, Neil Patrick Harris might have got the job because he's a talented, charismatic actor with a string of Broadway credits in both dramas and musicals, including Assassins, Proof, and Cabaret. I suppose that's possible.

But as far we're concerned, he deserves the gig based solely on the strength of his work in Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. Just check out the clip - that's some virtuoso acting and singing right there, and I don't even really like musicals:


Here's hoping his entire performance as host is just singing the entire Doctor Horrible soundtrack, maybe with some dramatic readings as Colonel Carl Jenkins from Starship Troopers mixed in for good measure. Throw in a climactic showdown between Dr. Horrible and former Tony Awards host Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and we might just have the superhero event of the summer on our hands.

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Pedant alert: NPH was not in Sweeney on Broadway. He did a few concerts of it in New York and LA but never played the role in a Broadway production. Not that that matters, just the way that sentence reads is slightly misleading. He also has several regional theatre credits around the county.