The Tomorrow People sizzle reel teases the entire mutant-filled season

Last night New York Comic-Con screened the pilot for the masses, and afterwards they debuted a little sizzle reel that teases what's going to happen in farther on down the road. So far so good.


The first episode premiered just a few days ago, but now you can look ahead into the future of this series (we're fairly excited about it). What do you think?

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This has a Matrix, chosen one, feel to it. Very entertaining pilot. The only problem, I have is the mother not knowing what her husband and brother in-law were up involved in. That's a pretty big secret to keep.

Also if Jed, knew that the powers were genetic, why didn't he keep an eye on his brother's family. I mean, he found them easily enough.

Season ending prediction, the father isn't dead, he teleported out of the blast. I'm looking forward to the season and seeing how this show develops.