Sometimes, you want to show up holding a really big gun. Let people know you mean business, by hoisting a honking great shooter that you can barely hoist. But sometimes, subtle is best. When you want to be sneaky, or just really cute, with your choice of firearm, there's always these teeny tiny pistols.

The two inches (5.5 cm) long SwissMiniGun C1ST, shoots 2.34 mm calibre ammunition.

via SwissMiniGun

An 1/3 scale Colt 1855 Root revolver, made by David Kucer

via Wayne Driskill Miniatures

The 2.7 mm Kolibri Car Pistol, designed by an Austrian watchmaker named Franz Pfannl, introduced in 1914.


The cigarette case with a built-in electrically powered weapon that shot tiny bullets tipped with cyanide. It was used by a Soviet spy named Nikolai Khokhlov who was sent to Germany to assassinate an anti-Communist agitator.

via Mandatory

A 1/6 scale British three band percussion Enfield rifle by an unknown maker, 1850s

via Wayne Driskill Miniatures

The flashlight gun of North Korean secret agents

Each hole is actually a gun barrel, which gets activated with the push of a button.

CNN, via Gizmodo

A miniature (4" long with a 2 3/8" barrel of .152 caliber) wheellock pistol from the late 16th or early 17th century

via Wayne Driskill Miniatures

Kiss of Death, a 4.5mm caliber lipstick pistol used by the KGB during the Cold War

via The Patriot Files

The 4.5 in long Bond Arms Backup

via Drippic

A Dyson LePetit protector ring, a six shot .22 pistol

Ring Gun via Gizmodo

Japanese 2mm pinfire pistol