The Time Gateway is Open! Move to Neutropolis Before Prices Skyrocket!

It never fails: People from the early 21st century start opening time gateways and moving to the super-cities of 23,000 A.D. And before you know it, all of those time-jumping gentrifiers have driven real estate prices through the Oort Cloud. But it's not too late to get a bargain.

We're selling Xondos, Laafts, and Full Efficiencies in Neutropolis for relatively minute quantities of helium and a few other valuable elements that are practically laying around in the 21st century. So what are you waiting for? Make your move now!


The above art comes from the amazing SolarSouth at Deviant Art, who's been putting up some fantastic future city illustrations for a while now. Check out a few more of his eye-popping artworks below, and even more at his Deviant Art page.


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