The Tick's Creator Has Given Up on Finding the Show a New Home

Fare thee well, Mr. Tick.
Fare thee well, Mr. Tick.
Image: Amazon

Our hearts were broken recently when Amazon’s The Tick, a well-deserved revival of a classic franchise, was cancelled after only two seasons.


The excellent series, detailing the comedic superheroic adventures of the Tick and his mangerie of super and not-so-super friends and enemies, deserved way better, and creator Ben Edlund has been trying to get the show its just desserts since the bad news was announced last month.

Yesterday, though, Edlund tweeted to share that his efforts to find the show a new home on some other service had failed. In a series of Tweets, Edlund explained his desire to continue the saga of the Tick in another time and place with the current (wonderful) cast, but that this iteration is, sadly, completely finished.

But as Edlund points out, The Tick is a character whose books and shows have been killed off time and time again. Somewhere, somehow, like a more carapace-y phoenix, The Tick always rises again. 


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Faux Bravo

Lame. I really liked this show. Damn it, people. Stop watching Office reruns!