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The Tick Season 2 Trailer Reveals New Heroes, New Team-Ups, and Shenanigans Galore

They’re baaaack.
They’re baaaack.
Image: Amazon
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Hug fight!

Amazon Prime has finally released a trailer for season two of The Tick, and considering how much we loved season one, we couldn’t be more excited to see what’s next for Arthur Everest and his relentlessly upbeat buddy in blue.

Will Arthur learn to hone his danger reflex? What terrors—other than returning baddie Miss Lint, of course—will rise up in the wake of, uh, the Terror? Who’ll be in the “new wave or heroes” (and will they help or hinder our dynamic duo)?


Here’s the official season two synopsis, courtesy of Amazon:

In its second season, Tick and Arthur have freed the City from The Terror — now they must defend it from new villains and old enemies. That is if they can convince AEGIS, the government agency in charge of superhero regulation, that they deserve the job. But now that the City is ‘safe enough to protect’ Tick and Arthur begin to see they’ve got competition...


The Tick’s 10-episode second season premieres April 5 on Amazon Prime Video.

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Truly a pairing made in heaven. Can’t wait!!!