The Second Half of Amazon's The Tick is Coming to the Rescue This February

Image: Amazon Studios
Image: Amazon Studios

If you want to be on The Tick’s good side, here’s a nice tip to remember: don’t mess with Arthur. If you do, there’s gonna be trouble. Like superheroes shooting themselves out of cannons trouble. And we don’t want that.

In a new teaser, Peter Serafinowicz’s version of the Big Blue Yonder is on the hunt for his missing friend, Arthur, who has been abducted by The Terror (Jackie Earle Haley), the fabled villain who terrorized The City once upon a time. But The Tick will do anything, no matter how impractical or unnecessary, to save his erstwhile friend. Which is good, because he doesn’t seem to be doing super well.

The teaser also comes with a release date for the second half of the series. The latter half of The Tick season one will be available to Amazon Prime viewers in February 23rd, 2018. We can’t wait.


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Nice Human Bullet reference to the cartoon.

“Fire me boy!”

I love how much The Tick depends on Arthur to help keep him grounded. Even Tick knows hes not quite right in the head and needs Arthur around to help him stay focused. Looking forward to the rest of this season. Wish we didn’t have to wait so damn long for no real good reason though...