The Three Laws Of Music-Video Robotics

Musicians are bold, forward-thinking weirdos who repeat the same tasks over and over again, so it totally makes sense that they'd be into robots. Plus, what other type of person could make it cool to dance with robots — or even dance like robots? Here's our collection of some of the greatest robot-themed music videos, plus our three laws of music-video robotics.

Three Rules Of Music Video Robotics
1. Make it confusing. You're never quite sure what Kanye, Beck or Bjork is really up to in these videos.
2. Give a hint of androgyny.
3. And above all, make it sexy.


And here are our favorites:

Dresden Dolls, "Coin-Operated Boy"
An adorable but slightly sad little song about a boy brought to life for love at the low, low price of a single coin. The Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer sings, "Sitting on the shelf. He is just a toy. But I turn him on and he comes to life, automatic joy...Made of plastic and elastic.... More love without complications galore." The bittersweet ditty definitely sings of love, but it's not as tawdry as Gigolo Joe from AI. If only everything were this simple.


Bjork, "All Is Full Of Love"
Absolutely beautiful mechanical Bjork. Looks like the Svedka she-bot stole her look.

Beck, "Hell Yes"
Adorable QRIO 'bots bop along to "Hell Yes." Oh Beck you'll never be a "Loser" when you incorporate dancing robots.

Kylie Minogue, "Come Into My World"/Fever Tour Introduction
She may have battled gold angel hosts on Dr. Who but Kylie embraces her inner android at the opening of her tour gracing the stage in full robot armor. Which songstress Beyonce Knowles later mimicked at the 2007 BET awards. Who knew you could steal a robot look?

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Meredith Woerner

I couldn't include EVERY robot video that would be maddening (ok I'm secretly compiling an even bigger list for the future). But I really just wanted to get the conversation started with a few ideas. I'm looking forward to your feedback. Leaving Styx out was a personal decision thrust upon me by too much VH1. I want to hear your favorites too. Don't worry there will be so many more robot music posts to go. We haven't even scratched the surface on musicians doing the robot.