The Thirteenth Doctor's Comic Book Adventures Begin This Fall

Image: BBC
Image: BBC

We’re still many months away from Jodie Whittaker’s full debut as the latest incarnation of the Doctor—but it’s not just on television that she’s going to be making her start later this year. She’ll be joining her fellow Doctors in comic book action with her own ongoing series, too.

Announced through The Hollywood Reporter today, Titan Comics confirmed that Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor will launch this fall, joining the company’s currently ongoing comic series for the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors.

Art has yet to be revealed—understandable, given the fact all we’ve seen of Whittaker in action is her half of Peter Capaldi’s regeneration scene at Christmas, and a few official stills of her in her new outfit—but Titan did confirm that the first female Doctor’s comic will be created by an all-female creative team. Jody Houser, the writer behind DC Comics’ Mother Panic and several Marvel Star Wars adaptations, will be joined by recurring Who artist Rachael Stott, and colorist Enrica Angiolini. So now you’ve got two debuts to look forward to later this year!

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Awesome. I hope that when she eventually meets her past incarnations, there won’t be any sexist comments from her former selves. Doctor Who has always been a progressive series, so it would be unfair to past Doctors if any of them display dismay at their future female regeneration. For example, I didn’t like seeing Moffatt portray the First Doctor as a sexist windbag. It was an unnecessary knock on the character (and actor) that launched one of television’s longest-lasting shows. It’s true that some of the Doctors had unfortunate dialogue due to their place in history, but it would be unfortunate if those hiccups were used to canonize earlier Doctors as less than progressive.