Good news, gaters - the next Stargate DVD feature has been given the go-ahead for production, and could start filming this fall. Which means, more Richard Dean Anderson and Shanks for everyone!

Not that I had my doubts, but it's great to hear that the studio is going ahead with a third SG-1 DVD movie. The first two were pretty solid examples of where Stargate can go (given time and money). I especially enjoyed the character development that happened in Stargate Continuum.


Executive Producer Brad Wright confirmed to that the movie would most likely begin this year and would continue to be a RDA-centric storyline. Which is exactly what the people want.

But don't worry, Atlantis fans: Producer Joseph Mallozzi promises that the Atlantis movie will also be made. In fact, he's hard at work on the script right now, with Paul Mulli, and hopes to have the draft done this April with a potential production in the fall. So thank goodness for that - I need a McKay fix.

All that's left is settling on a title, which I leave in your hands.

[via Gateworld]