The Thing Prequel Won't Have That Moore Touch

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One of Ronald D. Moore's post-Battlestar Galactica projects was writing a prequel to classic horror movie The Thing... But put emphasis on "was"; he's off the project, and his script has been dumped.

Bloody Disgusting broke the news on Thursday that Eric Heisserer has been hired to rewrite the script for the movie, and when the writer confirmed the story on his blog, he revealed that it was more than just slight script doctoring:

We are all so much in love with Carpenter's film, so protective of it, we're doing all we can to avoid stepping on its toes. I jumped at this job because I hold the Carpenter adaptation to very high standards, and I knew it would be a challenge to create a comparable companion piece. Sort of a "Nobody better screw this up, especially me" mentality. Lucky for me, the people at Strike and the director have the same standards. This is a "from scratch" rewrite assignment for the most part, as was my work on A Nightmare on Elm Street. I can't say any more on that. I have the highest respect for both Ron Moore and Wesley Strick.


While we're waiting for more information on what the prequel will be like now that Moore is no longer involved in the project, we must admit some sadness at being robbed of seeing a terrifying alien shapeshifting dog with a glowing spine as he humped someone's leg.

'The Thing' Prequel Script Getting Rewritten! [Bloody Disgusting]

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The prequel can be a bigger movie than the first one, here's how: the Norwegians find the spaceship and it has this big bad-ass alien that they have to go all space-marine on and after a masterpiece final battle scene involving three oil trucks jumping off ramps, they see a tiny little baby alien escape from its mother's melting corpse, which leads to the original movie. Did I mention that the mother alien can transform not only into people but also machines like a car. Michael Bay will direct as well. Highlights: "PowWowBam!" "Game over man, game over!" "C'mon, get me! Over here! Get me!" "Nobody touch nothing!"