The Terrifying Legacy Of Dr. Horrible

Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog hasn't just revolutionized internetual entertainment as we know it and introduced humanity to the fear of equine supervillains. It's also sparked creativity in some of its fans as well. Under the jump, the entirely-unofficial prequel to the series, as well as some Good Horses.If seeing how poor Dr. Horrible ended up broke your heart, perhaps you could do with renewing your faith in humanity with Young Dr. Horrible:

The YouTube productions feature, according to their creator,

fan videos inspired by the original Internet feature 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog.' No copyright infringement is intended to Mr. Joss Whedon and the folks at Mutant Enemy. We put a lot of enthusiasm and zeal into the project. Poor editing, yes, but remember the zeal!


Ignore the poor editing and just enjoy the performance of the kid who tries to channel Neil Patrick Harris' supervillain, complete with singing, dancing and an appropriate amount of melodrama. If you'd rather see the original story recreated by toys that may make you nostalgic for your own childhood, however, then what you're really looking for is... Dr. Horrible As Performed By My Little Pony:

Yes, it's somewhat disturbing, but admit it; that purple pony really captures the assholish qualities of Captain Hammer.


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