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The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler Are Back For a Brand New Series of Audio Adventures

Image: Big Finish/BBC
Image: Big Finish/BBC

Together again, at last! Big Finish and the BBC have just announced that David Tennant and Billie Piper will reprise their roles as The Doctor and Rose for a series of three new audio dramas, marking the first proper new outing for the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler together in nearly a decade.


Revealed today, Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures Vol. 2—Tennant previously returned for a series of dramas with Catherine Tate as Donna Noble—will contain three new stories set during the second season of the show, and feature a guest performance by Camille Coduri, returning as Rose’s lovable mom Jackie. You can hear her during this new trailer for the series in a moment of pure Jackie Tyler-ness so good it actually feels like time-traveling back to a Saturday evening in 2006:


The three new adventures—”Attack of the Zaross” by John Dorney, “Sword of the Chevalier” by Guy Adams, and “Cold Vengeance” by Matt Fitton, will see the Doctor and Rose face enemies old and new, from sinister aliens kidnapping humans in 1791 England, to deadly Ice Warriors aboard a frozen asteroid.

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With little Doctor Who on TV last year, the first volume of The Tenth Doctor Adventures delivered some of the most fun Who stories around, with an uncanny ability to capture the style and tone of stories during David Tennant’s era on the show. Hopefully this second volume will be just as good at bringing us back to the heyday of the Doctor and Rose’s time on the show.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures Vol. 2 will be available from Big Finish both in standalone releases or as part of a special box set, digitally and physically, this November.


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Pie 'oh' Pah

Works for me. I’d happily sit and listen to Billie Piper read the phone book or anything else she pleased.