Big Finish have been teasing something big for a while—an ever-increasing number of audio stories set in the world of post-2005 Doctor Who. But now they’ve just announced their biggest one yet: a brand new series of adventures for the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble, with both David Tennant and Catherine Tate returning!

Outside of the recent announcement of John Hurt’s War Doctor getting his own series, The Tenth Doctor Adventures will mark the first time an oOfficial Doctor from the show’s revived-run has recorded brand new stories for Big Finish since it began creating Doctor Who audio dramas nearly 20 years ago.


The trio of stories—Technophobia by Matt Fitton, Time Reaver by Jenny T. Colgan, and Death and the Queen by James Goss—will all feature full voice casts. No other actors for the series were announced other than the fact that Tennant will reprise his incarnation of the Doctor, and will be joined by Catherine Tate, returning to the role of Chiswick-temp-turned-savior-of-all-reality Donna Noble for the first time since her brief reappearance in the 2010 story “The End of Time.” Big Finish have released a brief video of the two actors discussing their return, and it’s a wonderful reminder as to how the fantastic chemistry and rapport between Tennant and Tate made The Doctor and Donna such a brilliant pairing:

Each hour-long story is being made in conjunction with BBC Worldwide, presumably to ensure they slot in with the previously established adventures of the Doctor and Donna—but hopefully it also means we’ll not just see a lot more stories from not just this Doctor and companion, but adventures for former Doctors like Matt Smith or Christopher Eccleston.

For now though, we’re happy that one of the best Doctor/companion pairings in recent Doctor Who history are getting more stories to tell. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures will be available in May 2016. Allons-y!

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