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The Ten Plagues Look Cheesily Great in the Trailer for Exodus

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So Ridley Scott decided to cast a dude named Christian to play Jewish superhero Moses in his movie Exodus: Gods and Kings. But if this trailer is any indication, at least the movie won't be deviating from the original book when it comes to showing us the ten badass plagues.


Anybody who has ever been to a Passover dinner knows about the plagues: they include hail, locusts, frogs, boils, rains of blood, etc. There's even an angel of death who kills babies. We're going to get all of that and more in this flick, including Christian Bale in eyeliner fighting the Mummy. If this movie doesn't become a cult classic, I'll guzzle down an entire jar of horseradish with my charoset next year.

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Every time I see one of these Biblical movie epics I can't help but compare it to Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. The guy is a schmuck, make no mistake, but I think his film is the bench mark on how to do a Biblical film right. I would love to see his take on Exodus and see how it differs from this, what looks like an over the top special effects cosplay. (For one thing, Gibson's film wouldn't be English. Which would be neat. He's one of the few Western director's who thinks highly of his audience enough to think they wouldn't bail on him if the movie is in subtitles.)