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A surprise announcement from Jeph Loeb at this afternoon's Mondo Marvel panel: There may be a Teen Wolf 3 - but there's one particular actor who won't be involved. Surprise spoilers ahead.

When prompted by a fan question (and then even more prompting from Marvel's Jim McCann), Teen Wolf creator Loeb talked about the third Teen Wolf that we never saw. Back in the 1980s, Alyssa Milano was a big fan of both the Michael J. Fox movie and hockey, and tried to make a third movie that she would star in as a white wolf who played hockey. As other members of the panel admitted that they'd watch the movie, Loeb clarified "that did not happen. In case you think you just missed it, it did not happen."


Surprising the fan who'd asked the original question, Loeb said something is happening with Teen Wolf, but that rumors about MTV and Warner Bros being involved are not true. He didn't hint at who was, however.

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