The Teen Titans' Raven is getting her own TV series

With Smallville wrapping up this spring, the CW is looking for a replacement for the long-running superhero drama. It looks like they've found an unlikely candidate — the spell-casting empath Raven from the Teen Titans.

From Variety:

The CW is looking to adapt "Raven," a half-demon also known as Rachel Roth, into a series. Diego Gutierrez, who most recently served as co-exec VP on "V," is writing and will exec produce [...] Gutierrez spent several seasons on "Without a Trace." His other credits include "The Shield," "Kingpin," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Dawson's Creek."


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the character, Raven is a half-human, half-demon mystic who formed the New Teen Titans to battle her evil, antlered father Trigon. I wouldn't count on guest appearances from her teammates, though. I'm assuming they'll play up Raven's supernatural (instead of superheroic) appeal for the show, and I wouldn't be surprised if they go the whole "Raven attends high school, has trouble fitting in" route. Hopefully they'll at least be able to fit in Trigon, who dressed like Space Liberace.

What's your verdict, gang? I was never crazy about the character as it always seemed like she was succumbing to her demonic side every 10 issues or so, but I could see how this character trait could buoy a barge-worth of teen angst.

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