Lauryn Canny as Darlin’.
Image: Hood River Entertainment

Sometimes, all a story needs to grab you is a scene. A line. A glance at the camera. All Darlin’ needs is about forty seconds.

The film, a sequel to a 2011 horror film The Woman, stars Pollyana McIntosh and Lauryn Canny as the eponymous Darlin’. McIntosh, who played Jadis/Anne on The Walking Dead, wrote and directed the film, which is set to premiere this year at SXSW.

The teaser is brief, but I loved it. The one enigmatic scene, with Darlin’ asking a striking, evocative question. It did what a teaser is supposed to do: it made me want to know more. And, true to it being horror, it creeped me out, too.


No word yet on widespread distribution for Darlin’, but it certainly has my attention.

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