The Teaser For Disney's New Short Film Feast Is SO FREAKING ADORABLE

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You might already be excited for Walt Disney Animation’s Big Hero 6, but are you ready for the ridiculous cuteness that is Feast? Check out the first footage for the short film showing before Big Hero 6, about the life of a Boston Terrier, told through a series of meals.

Confession time: I’ve actually seen Feast, and this teaser doesn’t even begin to capture how wonderful the short is. The animation, the storytelling, the emotion—they are all top-notch. And it doesn’t hurt that director Patrick Osborne (who served as head of animation on Disney’s short Paperman) chose such a sweet-faced subject for their film.


We’ll all get to see Feast when Big Hero 6 hits theaters on November 7th.

[via Stitch Kingdom]

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Awww! <3 Adorable! Also those people feed their puppy horribly unhealthy things.