The Team Tries to Move On in the New Trailer for Voltron: Legendary Defender

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Great news, Voltron fans: the third season of Netflix and Dreamwork’s animated Voltron reboot is coming a lot sooner than you’d think. The bad news is that you’re going to get a little less of it than you were expecting.

At today’s panel for the series at Comic-Con, a new teaser for the third season premiered, and it’s basically full of Team Voltron being upset that Shiro is gone following his mysterious disappearance at the end of the second season. But he’s apparently been missing long enough that Allura and the Paladins are slowly having to come to terms with the fact that the Black Lion needs a new pilot... unless the team never wants to form Voltron again.

Which would suck, mainly because there’s some pretty gnarly looking threats heading to the show, including a new villain named Lotor, voiced by A.J. Locascio. But the panel also confirmed that unlike previous seasons, Legendary Defender’s third outing on Netflix will be just seven episodes long. On the plus side, the show’s fourth season will premiere in October:


Presumably, the other episodes that would have been in season three will make up season four (making it around six episodes), but this presumably means that going forward, all seasons of the show will be shorter, so they can be released at a much quicker pace. We can handle that.

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