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The Team That Made Frozen Is Sticking Together For Another Movie

Illustration for article titled The Team That Made Frozen Is Sticking Together For Another Movie

It looks like Disney won't be letting go of the Frozen series any time soon, especially since it just became the highest grossing animated film of all time. And there's already speculation that we could see Frozen spin-offs. An Olaf the Snowman movie, anyone?


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Frozen producer Peter Del Vecho demurred when asked about the possibility of Frozen spin-offs. But he did say that, while there was no specific plan already in the works, the team is sticking together for another movie.

"I don't have an exact movie in mind that I will go onto next, but I feel that this team — myself, along with Chris Buck and Jen Lee — we work very, very well together so I believe we will be developing a new project. But I don't know what that is right now."


What Del Vecho does know, however, is that Disney is making sure Elsa, Anna, and the rest of the gang are getting plenty of attention. The characters are making rounds at Disneyland, and there might be a push to bring them to other locations. He also mentions the live-action musical we already knew about, but it's nice to hear the idea is progressing.

And as a last note, THR asked what exactly happened to Elsa's ice castle after she returned home. Del Vecho responded:

"We had many discussions as to what happens to it. After the credits roll, the marshmallow-like monster appears to be living there. It's still there, a tourist location, and everyone visits probably. [Laughs]."


Wait, marshmallow-like monster? You mean this guy?

Illustration for article titled The Team That Made Frozen Is Sticking Together For Another Movie

Yeah, if that's what Del Vecho thinks marshmallows are like, I don't want to ever make s'mores with him. And maybe I'll just visit Olaf in Arendelle instead of visiting Elsa's castle.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]


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Can I say — I don't understand the infatuation with Frozen? It's not a bad movie by any means, and the twist on traditional princess tropes were really nice, but I felt that the pacing of the movie as a whole was all wrong, it was devoid of any tension or conflict until the last 30 minutes, and excluding Let it Go and that single line of "Do you wanna build a Snowman", the songs were pretty poor (and the troll song was DTV-level crap). I just don't get why it is so admired - it's no Home on the Range, sure, but it's no Lion King either. Tangled was better, IMO.

Or maybe I'm just too old ( I hope not!)