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Rooster Teeth’s first Lazer Team film happened because fans crowdsourced it into existence. The result was a dumb, fun comedy in the vein of Ghostbusters, with impressive visual effects. Now there’s a sequel, and as you can see from this exclusive new clip, not much has changed.

The premise of Lazer Team is that a special suit is sent to Earth for a true warrior to wear to defeat an evil being. Unfortunately, that warrior doesn’t get it. Four idiots do, each taking one piece of the suit: the helmet, boots, and two gauntlets. Of course, they end up saving the world anyway.


In the sequel, the Lazer Team has broken up and one of them has gone missing. It’s up to a scientist to bring them all together to save their friend, and in this clip, you’ll see that she’s at least reunited them.

Co-directed by Daniel Fabelo and Matt Hullum, Lazer Team 2 is currently doing a small theatrical run. Then, it premieres on YouTube Red November 22. If you like science fiction with a dose of slapstick, look no further.

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