Illustration for article titled The Team Behind the Disastrous iSpider-Man/i Musical Is Bringing a Live-Action iTransformers/i Event to China

Hey, remember Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark? The Spider-Man broadway show that someone somewhere thought was a great idea, before it turned out that no, oh God no it wasn’t? Well, the company behind it are heading to China for a new venture: a live-action Transformers attraction that sounds similarly atrocious.


In cooperation with Chinese film company DMG, S2BN Entertainment—who were also behind the similar-in-scope The Marvel Experience, which was cancelled after a three week run due to overwhelming complaints—will launch Transformers: Live with Hasbro as the first “live-action” event based around the venerable robots in disguise. Presumably, given that the Transformers movies are hugely popular in China, the show will be based on the movie designs rather than the toys or other multitudes of Transformers incarnations.

In a press release, S2BN Entertainment chairman Michael Cohl said that “Fans will experience intense action, beautiful visual moments, an emotionally engaging story, lots of humor and rousing music,” none of which I can actually remember experiencing while watching any of the Transformers movies, so at least this is set to bring something new to the table. Transformers Live is due to hit China in 2017.



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