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“I’ve got an idea for an alien bounty hunter franchise.” “Oh yeah? What should we call it?” “How about... Alien Bounty Hunter.” “Perfect!” “Love it!” *High fives and bro hugs all around.*


That’s what we can only imagine the pitch meeting was like for Alien Bounty Hunter, a literally titled potential franchise that’s being produced by Stephen Levinson, whose company Leverage Management created both Entourage and Ballers. The premise of the story centers on an “unorthodox bounty hunter, hired by the U.S. government to do a job they can’t: track down the world’s most wanted criminal — an alien who poses an unusual threat to society,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

We describe Alien Bounty Hunter as a “potential franchise” because it’s being created to stretch across multiple mediums. It’ll start as a comic book, released by CME Comics sometime in 2016. From there, Levinson and his team will develop the property for other media too, including film. And for that, he’s bringing on Mark Wahlberg as a producer. Wahlberg, of course, not only produced Entourage, he was the inspiration for the entire idea.


Look, there’s definitely potential in this idea. If the “unusual threat to society” is something cool like time travel and the “unorthodox bounty hunter” has a decent backstory, there’s no reason the team behind Entourage can’t make the next Blade Runner. It’s just going to take a lot of work for them to break out of the stereotype both Entourage and Ballers have created, which is testosterone driven male-fantasy schlock. Personally, I love that stuff, but I know I’m in the minority.

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