The Team Behind Apollo 13 Is Bringing Neal Stephenson's Seveneves to the Big Screen

Illustration for article titled The Team Behind iApollo 13/i Is Bringing Neal Stephensons iSeveneves/i to the Big Screen

Excellent news for fans of Neal Stephenson’s excellent sci-fi novel: It’s being turned into a movie, courtesy of the creative team that brought Apollo 13 to life .


Seveneves, which follows a billions-strong generation of spacebound humans attempting to recolonize the cataclysmically ravaged Earth that their ancestors left behind, will be overseen by the trifecta of director Ron Howard, scriptwriter Bill Broyles, and producer Brian Grazer for Skydance. We loved this book when it came out last year, so it’ll be interesting to see how its tale of evolved humans and the disaster they were born out of comes together on the big screen.



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The book had three sections, and at least to me, it may be best to give a movie of Seveneves a trilogy treatment as well. As the book, the first flick would be on humanity realizing the moon is broken and ends a bit before the “white sky” event. The second movie opens with a montage of cities being wiped out in manners to make Micheal Bay cry out of sheer joy, covers the comet entry to Earth orbit, details the break-up of the survivors, ends with the meeting of Seven Eves. The third movie would then be the leap forward and re-establishment of contact with Earth.