The Tastiest Food Moments in Science Fiction

A juicy virtual steak convinces Cypher to betray Morpheus, Trinity and Neo in maybe the most famous non-bullet-y scene from The Matrix. When you start paying attention, you notice how important food is in science fiction, whether it's dehydrated Pizza Hut, orgasm inducing desserts or fish biscuits. Even condiments get shout outs: in Dune the special mineral wasn't just Melange, but Spice Melange. That being said, you know that steak tasted like bitter hatred in your mouth After the jump a list of some of the weirdest things stuffed into the mouths of our beloved scifi characters.

Futurama: Slurm

When Fry gets to tour the factory for his favorite drink (and meet Slurms McKenzie) he discovers a nasty secret. The secret ingredient is actually green worm excrement. The queen worm is a shit-making factory and her goo is shot directly into the cans of Slurm. But in the end it doesn't really change his mind anyway. Futurama's other great food moment is "Parasites Lost" where Fry eats the parasite filled egg sandwich that in turn makes him brilliant and he is able to play the holophonor.


Demolition Man: Rat Burgers and Taco Bell

It's the year 2032 and alcohol, sex, nicotine, meat and other unhealthy foods are all outlawed, but that's not the worst of it. The only restaurant is Taco Bell. Now, how can you make a crunchy-cheesy gordita without cheese, salt, fat and cat food? It's impossible! Talk about a dystopia. But on the flip side, I'll pass on the other option, which is: live with the underground resistance led by Denis Leary, that dines on rat burgers. I find it hard to believe that John Spartan had no problem ripping into rat flesh, but more power to him.

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory: Violet's Bad Berry

"By gum, it's gum." A three course dinner wrapped into one piece of gum. A little girl learns the hard way not to be such a freaking brat and listen to her elders, courtesy of some transforming gum. Watch the expansion of Violet Beauregarde below.

Advertisement know the scene

So Kevin Costner chose to create a machine that filters urine into water. Hmmmm... How did he test this? Seriously, were there trial runs? More importantly, why urine? Why not salt water? If you're going to put enough time and effort into something into creating a machine, why not go ahead and have it filter the most plentiful substance around?


Lost's Fish Biscuits

True love is sharing your fish biscuit. Sawyer and Kate are locked up in bear cages. First of all, who knew you could make such and thing as a fish biscuit? And second why were bears on the island in the first place? Little crazy details like DHARMA biscuits sets Lost apart from other scifi shows. With one pink biscuit you're knocked on your ass with questions.


Matrix: Steak of Deception and Breakfast of Snot

Neo and friends had a downright obsession with food. Steaks, noodles and utensils ('there is no spoon') were used to explain even the most complicated theories about the the matrix. But it actually helped break down complicated ideas. Who could forget the Mouse's conundrum over breakfast, which made you question how would artificial intelligence know what things tasted like? What about the orgasm inducing dessert from the Merovingian that demonstrated how he could manipulate the Matrix to suit his needs? Or the biggest betrayal of all, when Cypher trades in his fellow crew over a steak. It wasn't a bad meal per se, but it was the worst meal because Cypher's a bastard. It may be juicy but I think it tastes like your demise, my friend.


It's People!

So I know Soylent Green is people, and you know Soylent Green is people. But the first time you watched the movie weren't you completely horrified at what the future held for man? Was it the idea that the masses didn't know they were ingesting corpse wafers or just the actual act? Either way it put me off government cheese for good.


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