The TARDIS Dematerialises In A Whole New Way In This Gorgeous Fan Video

Doctor Who's time-travelling Police Box has always dematerialised the same way for almost 52 years — slowly fading in and out of existence in one place, to fade back in somewhere else. But this amazing VFX video by youtuber John Smith re-imagines the ship's dematerialisation in a fascinating new way.


You might remember Smith from his equally wonderful Doctor Who/Sherlock mashup as well as his stunning trailer for Peter Capaldi's first season, but this short, sweet effects shot might just be his most visually impressive work yet. It's a simple, yet genius idea: The TARDIS naturally spins around in flight in the show anyway, so having the world around the ship spin and blur into the Time Vortex, before spinning back out to wherever is landing fits is pretty nifty. It helps that it looks beautiful, to boot.

I don't know how you'd pull the effect off from the perspective of someone else watching the TARDIS vanish into time and space — maybe have it sort of start tearing reality around it before it spins off into flight — but still, BBC pay attention! It wouldn't be the first time they've had fans do VFX stuff for the show based off their Youtube work, after all.

[via Radio Times]



Moffat, give this man a full time job dammit!