Just about the only thing you don’t get in The Phantasm Collection is your very own killer sphere—pity those aren’t quite street legal. The set does include, however, all five Phantasm movie plus a boatload of extras included not just on the sixth bonus disc, but interspersed throughout.

The remastered version of Don Coscarelli’s iconic original Phantasm features both the vintage commentary with late star Angus “The Tall Man” Scrimm, as well as a newly-recorded track with Coscarelli and others. There are also brand-new featurettes on Phantasms part three (Lord of the Dead) and four (Oblivion), which may or may not help you sort out their quirkier plot elements. But isn’t that nightmarish WTF quality a big part of Phantasm’s appeal?


To further entice you, here’s an exclusive promo for the box set hyping some of the Tall Man’s best strikes via—what else?—his shiny and swift signature weapon.

The Phantasm Collection goes on sale tomorrow.

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