The Table Read of The Good Place's Finale Will Break Your Heart All Over Again

Eleanor and Chidi in The Good Place.
Eleanor and Chidi in The Good Place.
Image: NBC

Time to walk through the door. On the other side of the door? Lots of crying.

I feel, occasionally, like I might be over The Good Place’s heartfelt finale, a long meditation on grief, companionship, and mortality at the limits of all reality. Then something happens to remind me that I’m most definitely not. This weekend, that reminder came in the form of the table read for that finale, which NBC recently posted on the show’s YouTube channel. Spanning the full, double-length episode, this is footage of the cast reading through the final episode during the tail end of the show’s production.

As you can imagine, it’s intimate and heartfelt and funny. One of the things that made this show so funny and delightful was the clear rapport and connection the cast members had with each other, and that really shines through here. There’s a lot of laughing and crying, too, and, oh, no, I’m getting all misty eyed again. It’s hard to believe that this show didn’t end all that long ago; it feels like a lifetime. It’s a nice thing to think about.


You can stream The Good Place, and if you haven’t you probably should.

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I thought the last episode was horrible. With all the wonderful ideas about what it means to be alive( or dead?) that they grappled with in that show, that their big finale was essentially suicide was a pretty huge letdown for me. I’ll skip that last episode on the rewatch...if that ever happens.