When the robot revolution comes, you'll want our future overlords to be certain which side you're on. That's why you'll want to wear one of these awesome pro-droid tees from two different indie t-shirt makers.

Those robot revolution tees from New Zealand outfit Cuppa-t-shirts may be a little pricey at 55 NZD, but they are lovely - and there are more awesome tees at the official Cuppa store.

And the cute "Androids Always Win" series (tees for $20 each) from The Dept. includes several other tees, as well as stickers, pins, and pennants - you will want to ogle them all at The Dept.


Robots - hell yes!


Also, robots will help us defend our sheep against the aliens - hell yes!

This is a sentiment we can all support.


It's a viper that got stolen by an android! Damn cylons are always stealing Starbuck's ride.