This photo by Emily Blincoe is more than a study in color, it's a stunning tribute to the segmented beauty of citrus – to the liths and locules that every member of the genus shares in common, despite their many variations in size, savor and hue.

All photos featured by kind permission of Emily Blincoe

The photo, titled "Citrus Fest 2014," is part of a long-running series of images by Blincoe that seeks to highlight the tones and gradients of everyday objects. "Most of the food items in [the series] are from a market near my house," the Austin-based photographer tells io9. "They always have the most beautiful produce and it's hard not to feel inspired when i wander the isles." She continues:

"The Citrus Fest" is not really a festival. It's just something they toss up on the signs when they have all the seasonal citrus in the winter. They have various seasonal things they do at the store [and] an amazing selection of anything from a regular naval orange to exotic african grapefruits, pink lemons, and blood oranges. I lost track of the names of all the items in this photo. there were simply too many. As I do with many other photographs, I just bought up enough to make an arrangement with as many different styles and colors as i could. I ended up making two gallons of fresh squeezed juice from the mixture of all of these afterwards.


Beautiful and delicious. Below are a few more choice examples from Blincoe's series, all of them biological in nature (though her other subjects include everything from candy to buttons). For more examples of her work, check out her website, photostream and instagram.


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