On Tuesday, you voted on the first 32 of the shows in our tournament, and now it's time to decide the rest of the first round. You determine the fates of Doctor Who, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Lost, Babylon 5, Farscape, both Battlestar Galacticas, and many more! The polls are open until midnight Pacific time tonight, so vote now!

For those who missed the fun on Tuesday, this is our latest tournament — we've previously done the Best and Worst Sci-Fi Movies Ever — to determine the people's choice for the greatest show ever from the sci-fi and fantasy genres (with a few horror and superhero shows mixed in for variety). The polls are at the bottom of the post if you want to start voting now, and if you want a full explanation of how we put together the bracket, check out our first post. Speaking of which, here's the updated bracket to reveal all the results of the first round — the "scores" for each show reveal their percentage of the vote. You can click on the image to expand or go here to see an even bigger version of the bracket.

In Tuesday's First Round voting, Star Trek scored the biggest victory by taking a 95-5 split of the vote with ALF. Mystery Science Theater 3000, a relatively low-ranked 7-seed, positioned itself as a force to be reckoned with after its 80-20 shellacking of io9 favorite The 4400. The 13-seed Torchwood managed the first major upset of the first round with its convincing 65-35 victory over Lost in Space, although 3rd Rock from the Sun came close to knocking off Adam West's Batman with a 51-49 final score. That was one of the two closest-fought matches of the first round, with Supernatural barely managing to squeak by The Six Million Dollar Man, again with a score of 51-49.


But now that's all past, and it's time to turn our attention to another 32 sci-fi and fantasy classics. Vote now to decide which 16 of these shows will make it to the next round. Then come back Monday, March 18 for the Second Round!

And so, to the polls! Voting will be open until midnight Pacific time tonight!

The Gallifrey Regional

The Rod Serling Regional