Something’s in the water.
Something’s in the water.
Image: DC Universe

There’s something spectacular going on in the swamps, and Alec Holland is about to find out just how creepy it all is.

DC Universe has just dropped another new tease for Swamp Thing’s impending streaming debut, and it is an intense one. It’s full of dread, from all the darkly-lit shots of the swamp to Alec Holland himself (played by Andy Bean) reminding us that there’s something in the water that really doesn’t belong. And that’s before you get into the sentient plant zombie shenanigans!

It offers a quick play by play for as to how Alec will ultimately become the guardian of the Green—who will actually be portrayed by a second actor, Derek Mears—but it’s primarily serving as a reminder that DC’s hoping to spook the hell out of you with this new take on Swamp Thing.


So far? It’s working. Swamp Thing wades onto DC Universe on May 31.

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