The Suspiria Remake's Latest Trailer Promises a Dramatic Spin on the Horror Classic

The cast of Suspiria dancing and dying their ways through the film’s horrors.
Image: Amazon Studios
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The first teaser trailer for Amazon’s upcoming remake of Dario Argento’s Suspiria left many fans of the original movie cold (but not chilled to the bone) because the new film doesn’t seem to be going for the exact same kind of aesthetics that made Argento an icon.

Amazon’s Suspiria—directed by Luca Guadagnino—appears to be a movie of its time, which is to say, rather than going for incredibly lush visuals, it’s relying on a desaturated, stifling, and otherworldly palette that conveys the darkness and rot lying just beneath the surface of its character’s lives. There’s a choked kind of airlessness throughout the latest trailer that introduces us to dancer Susie Bannion (Dakota Johnson) as she arrives in Berlin to study under Tilda Swinton’s Madame Blanc at the Markos Dance Academy where a number of pupils have begun to suddenly disappear.

The trailer does a solid job of obfuscating whether whatever it is that’s haunting the dancers is borne of their imaginations or whether one of their own is hunting them, which is a solid introduction to the premise for people who haven’t seen the original and definitely should before Amazon’s Suspiria drops on October 28 with a wider release on November 2.


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I know the general (and often times rightly so) disdain towards remakes and I usually share them. But, every so often there’s a John Carpenter’s The Thing or The Fly by Cronenberg and this looks to me like it could maybe join their ranks. And yes, I absolutely love the films of Dario Argento but damn, I’m really excited about this.