The Superman reboot may feature a surprising female lead. Plus new insights into the Battlestar Galactica prequel!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Wake up with spoilers! Whoever the female main character is in the new Superman movie... it's not who you think. The visual effects designer for The Dark Knight Rises promises the movie will use as many practical effects as possible — and that includes a real Anne Hathaway in a real Catwoman outfit. Brooklyn Decker explains why Battleship isn't like other war movies, and Joaquin Phoenix might do some presidential vampire-hunting. Plus tons more swashbuckling Doctor Who set photos, and another look at the pilot script for Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome!


Spoilers ahead!

The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan's longtime visual effects designer Paul Franklin says that Catwoman will not be a digital creation and instead will actually be portrayed by Anne Hathaway (and various stuntwomen):

"We always start something like this trying to keep it as real as possible. We would only ever resort to digital doubles for some stunt moments or things like that. We try to keep them real. That's the way Chris likes to make a film."


So Catwoman will be real, unlike the digital effects used in Halle Berry's Catwoman. (Of course, it's a fair bet that everything in this movie will be unlike Halle Berry's Catwoman.) That still leaves Bane - Franklin thinks Nolan has a plan to handle the character, but he says it's still very early days.

Franklin also discussed the look of Gotham City and how each of the three Batman films offers a different take on the city:

"We try to keep it different every time. There might be a few things, maybe features of Gotham City that will turn up again to give it some sort of visual continuity. Obviously we'll try and keep some sort of thematic style with that but really, it's a film in its own right."

[Screen Junkies]

Superman Reboot

We still don't know who's going to be playing the main female character in Zack Snyder's new Superman film — but we know she won't be playing Lois Lane. Lois isn't in the film at all, because it takes place before Clark Kent goes to work at the Daily Planet. According to Variety, the three front-runners to play the non-Lois character are Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike. First a Spider-Man movie without Mary Jane, now this. Is nothing sacred? [Variety]



Model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker says that the movie isn't a straight adaptation of the original board game, because that would be even more ludicrous than whatever this movie ends up being. Actually, here's what she said:

"Yeah it's funny. I think Alex [Skarsgard] said something that the game was the inspiration for the movie and not necessarily the storyboard for the movie and I would be in agreement with that. It's an action/war film, so we draw inspiration from the game in that it is called 'Battleship' and Hasbro is heavily involved.


Also, Battleship is different from most other war movies for one crucial reason:

"It is a modern day war action film, which is kind of unique to most war films. This is modern day so it's exciting."


Of course, it should be pointed out that this movie doesn't have anything to do with the two actual modern day wars the US is involved in, but instead has something to do with fighting aliens on the high seas. Honestly, this film is going to just recalibrate the scale for cinematic insanity. I kinda can't wait. [MTV Movies Blog]

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

After epically wasting a year of his life (not to mention everyone's time) with the documentary/performance art piece I'm Still Here, Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly returning to regular acting as the "mythic, ageless" instructor of our vampire-slaying 16th president. He has reportedly been offered the role, but it's unclear whether he's accepted it. [Deadline]


Doctor WhoThere's a ton of photos out today from the Cornwall filming. You can see dozens of them in the gallery up top, and a few more in the gallery below. [Life, Doctor Who & Combom]


And here's a couple lengthy set videos: [SpoilerTV]


Here's some set photos showing off Lance Reddick. [Nigel Horsley's Flickr]

Jody Thompson offers some hints about her character Sara Downey, who appears in tonight's episode:

My character's name is Sara Downey. She and her husband are the unfortunate casualties of a research experiment gone really, really wrong… I'm not sure how much more I can say without giving away anything!



Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

According to this review of the pilot script, the show feels very much like a return to the military space opera of Battlestar Galactica, although it's also clearly influenced by the Star Trek reboot - complete with a visit to an ice planet. We meet Adama as a cocky new pilot who graduated at the top of his class and is convinced he belongs on the front lines - even if his battle-hardened superiors aren't so sure. Adama is assigned to the Galactica, which even then is an old, beat-up ship under the command of the similarly ground down Silas Nash. Adama isn't pleased when he's sent on a mission in a Raptor - he's a Viper pilot and believes he should only be flying Vipers. This is where he meets the old vet Coker, who becomes something of a gruff mentor to Adama and even gives him the Husker callsign that we saw in BSG. There are more details at the link. [Moviehole]


No Ordinary Family

Here's a press release for episode 17, "No Ordinary Love", which promises guest appearances by not one but two former Cylons:

The mysterious Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless, "Xena: Warrior Princess," "Battlestar Galactica") tasks the sexy - and dangerous - Sophie ("Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer) to cause Jim and George to fall under her spell and make them do whatever she wants them to - which could place Jim's marriage in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Stephanie must decide whether or not to inject a patient with the trilsettum serum and risk turning him into a super in order to retain Dr. King's trust, and Daphne's boyfriend, Chris, begins to have suspicions about the Powell family's abilities.



Being Human (UK)

The BBC has updated their press release for episode 4, "The Pack":

Annie and Mitchell are finding it difficult to make the transition from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend – especially as Annie is a ghost – as the hit drama about supernatural friends continues. Desperate to have a normal relationship with all that it entails, Annie comes up with a plan to get Mitchell hot and bothered in the bedroom.

Having been kept isolated from the rest of the world, McNair's son, Tom, is excited by the prospect of more werewolves and goes to find George and Nina. His presence in Honolulu Heights, however, is not welcomed by Mitchell – the "werewolf-shaped bullet" premonition hanging heavy on his mind. Could McNair, with his open hatred of vampires, be Mitchell's ultimate nemesis?



And here's the synopsis for episode 5, "The Longest Day":

While working in the hospital psychiatric ward, George stumbles across someone he never thought he'd see again, as the hit drama about supernatural friends continues. He meets Herrick, the most chilling and dangerous of the vampires – who he tore to shreds and killed months ago. George is dumbfounded and terrified. How on Earth could Herrick be back from the dead? And surely he will want to wreak bloody revenge on him and his friends?

Mitchell is becoming more and more obsessed with the Box Tunnel 20 and preoccupied with the prophesy, told to him by Lia, that he will be killed by a "werewolf-shaped bullet". He is equally stunned by Herrick's presence – but soon realises his old blood brother holds the key to something that he desperately needs to know... With Herrick lurking in the attic masquerading as Nina's Uncle Billy, it seems things can't get much worse for the spooked housemates. That is, until harassed social worker Wendy turns up – to assess the friends' suitability to look after their newest lodger.



And here's a sneak peek for episode 4: [TwitVid]
Click to view


Episodes 19 and 20 will reportedly be called "Dominion" and "Prophecy", respectively. Also, the episodes "Kent" and "Booster" have switched places, so that now "Kent" is episode 17 and Geoff Johns's Blue and Gold tribute episode is number 18. [KryptonSite]


Executive producer Kelly Souders says that Clark really is turning into a proper hero now:

"The insecurity is gone, which is good. But the way that some of the world has turned -– and certainly the fact that some people, his compadres so to speak, have turned against him -– has taken its toll on him...There is a very hopeful ending to all of it."


There are more details at the link. [TV Line]

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Did I miss a memo somewhere? Where is this conception coming from to only hook celluloid Superman up with skinny blondes? Don't get me wrong, all of those ladies are quite pretty — but something about the Superman + skeletal blonde equation bugs the shit out of me.

Along the same lines, I've seen an awful lot of drooling over Tricia Helfer. This may be an unpopular opinion, but — sorry, not seeing it. At all. She's not ugly, by any means. Just not "zomg the sight of her makes my man tackle asplode into all-consuming avarice!" the way she's always, without fail, portrayed. [/rant]

In other news — hells yes Hathaway in a catsuit. Nuff said. LOL. I realize I've only talked about the sexual attributes of women, but I've got to get to work now.